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Connecting young professionals with high growth companies through their extended professional network

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How it works

Your trusted network works for you!

  • Network

    Create your extended professional network. Simply select your VIP contacts, when they select their VIPs that becomes your extended 1st and 2nd degree network.

  • Job feed

    Any time jobs are posted by your 1st and 2nd degree contacts, you will see them right away.

  • Chat

    When you see a job you like you can just chat with the hiring manager. No emails chasing people.

  • And more...

    You can refer friends and share jobs. You can also introduce yourself to hiring managers via video.

Young Professionals

Don't miss great job opportunities from your extended network

  • Create VIPs

    Complete you profile and create your extended trusted network

  • Connect

    When you see an opportunity you like, chat directly with the hiring manager

  • Help your friends

    You can also post jobs when your company is hiring

Startup CEO / Hiring Managers

Your entire organization can hire now!

  • Always Free

    Post jobs free; and quick

  • Connect

    Share with people who can refer great people. We will remind tagged people to refer good candidates, their second degree connections will see it too

  • Communicate

    Get referrals; video applications, chat with candidates


Get as many referrals as possible from your extended professional network

  • Create VIPs

    Create your trusted network

  • Always Free

    Post jobs free; and quick

  • Reach

    All your second degree contacts will see it

  • Communicate

    Get referrals; video applications, chat with candidates

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